The uniqueness of the “caña” (glass of beer) Cruzcampo.

Being rod is living life.
The bars are key places in our lives and the bar is where it all begins: the heart of the bar, where we meet friends and to enjoy life, where she laughs, cries, counted and sung, where witness our deeds and our defeats, and where baristas exert all his expertise in making cane prefecta Cruzcampo glacial to foam -2º without more. And it is that the bars are a quality test bar, our source of joy, part of our history since 1904.

Cruzcampo was founded in Seville in 1904 by Robert and Thomas Osborne Guezala Beers initially being called the Cross Country. Its careful preparation, his faithful to the first day recipe and continuous innovation have become the national market leader.

True to its original recipe of 1904, Cruzcampo Pilsen is made only cold and the result is a highly drinkable beer with real character and beer. With over 100 years of expertise, Cruzcampo has grown varieties such as Gran Reserva, Shandy, Sin and Radler.

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